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Important Notice to Parents/Guardians of Delegates under 18 years
For security purposes, all Parents/Guardians MUST read the contents of this RULES AND REGULATION page thoroughly. Parental/Guardian consent MUST be obtained BEFORE AGREEING to register your child for the Pageant.  Adults will be contacted in advance to verify validity.

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible for the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Pageant, you must adhere to the following criteria:-

  • All Delegates Under 18 years  will need to obtain Parental/Guardian consent and permission before applying to the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Pageant. For security purposes, we will NOT entertain correspondence or inquiries from minors.
  • Delegate should be a natural born Female.
  • All Delegates should not have a criminal record, felony or any convictions.
  • All Delegates should be of excellent moral character
  • Delegate should be in good health and of sound mind during all aspects of the Pageant process.
  • Delegate should not be married or ever been married or had a marriage annulled.
  • Delegate should not be pregnant.  If there is a change in circumstances, then the Delegate will contact the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Organizer immediately to advise. Delegate understands that this may affect a change in her eligibility to compete.
  • Under no circumstances should Delegate have posed or have been photographed or video nude or semi-nude and appeared in a publication, film or internet.
  • All Delegates will give consent and permission for FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT to televise, record or video the pageant.
    media, use would be used at all portion of the competition.
  • All Delegates that are crowned Titleholders will understand and agree that, during their one-year reign in the capacity as a FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Titleholder, that her professional affairs in her role as Royalty can be organized by FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT  and that she will be required to obtain written permission before undertaking any endorsements whatsoever.
  • All Delegates will be need to acknowledge that the all rights from appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from participating as a Titleholder shall belong to FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT

Mandatory Requirements:
All Delegates in the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT will be required to participate in the Talent Competition.  The talent portion of the Pageant will be no longer than 3 minutes in duration and can be a vocal, dance, acting, instrument recital, alternative performance, magic act, sports related act or any other performing arts activity.

Ticket Sales:   It is MANDATORY for all Delegates to Sell a minimum of #100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA) worth of tickets for the event.

A Natural Pageant:  First and foremost, FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT is a “NATURAL PAGEANT”.  The term “A NATURAL PAGEANT” means that Finalists will not be permitted to wear hairpieces, extensions, flippers and excessively gaudy and tasteless false eyelashes, heavy make up, spray tans, etc.)

All our Finalists must have the following:-

  • Possess a bright and lovely personality and have excellent manners and social skills.
  • She must also have charisma, elegance, poise and a charming nature.
  • Possess a bright, compassionate, caring and genuine personality
  • Radiate a unique, divine, bright and charming charismatic disposition
  • Have poise, elegance, excellent decorum, manners and etiquette
  • Be an excellent conversationalist with complementing social skills
  • Possess A Natural, Pure & Wholesome beauty – both inside and out

Moral Character: Contestants taking part in any of the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT pageants must be of good moral character, possess grace, elegance, social skills and etiquette.  All Contestants should never been convicted of a crime or have had any criminal charges pending against them and should not, in any way, have been engaged in any activities that are characterized as dishonest, immoral or indecent.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 3 (three) Contestants are required to Win in each Category
Each Category will have a 1st Place Winner , 2nd Place Winner and 3rd Place winner.  Extra point is ONLY available if Contestants win in one of the Additional Optional Categories.

Additional Optional Categories
The Additional Categories are as follows:-



“AROUND THE WORLD”Make-Up: FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT is a natural Pageant and all Delegates should reflect our ethos in the choice of their make-up.  Finalists are permitted to wear age appropriate make-up, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES  will  heavy eye make-up or foundation, flippers, excessive fake tans, or excessive, non-age appropriate hair extensions be allowed.  We would ask that it is in moderation as “FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” system are to exemplify natural, pure and wholesome beauty. The Judges Panel have been instructed to deduct a minimum so 1 point (and above if they deem it necessary) from scores should they see any of the above being displayed on Contestants.  However, Contestants taking part in the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Pageant will be permitted to wear hair pieces, wigs and appropriate make-up as long as it is tasteful and appealing and not gaudy or garish.

Attire for all Delegates should be a business/interview suit, taupe, black or natural court shoes (no peep toe), fresh natural make-up and contrasting hair style.

Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and should be classic and elegant.  You should be reminded that the “FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” is a “NATURAL PAGEANT” so all attire, no matter what activity you are participating,  should be reflected in all your choice of outfits.

Contestants are only permitted to wear one (1) pair of earrings in each ear lobe.

Tattoos and Piercings: 
Delegates are only permitted to wear one (1) pair of earrings in each ear lobe. Visible tattoos on any part of the body will NOT be tolerated.  These will need to be professionally covered for our Pageant.  Excessive piercings will need to be removed for the pageant.

Delegates MUST abide by the Rules and Regulations herein and should, at all times, display first-rate manners, etiquette and team spirit and exercise sportsman-like behavior to all other Finalists, members of staff and all associated.  “FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” is a family-orientated event and, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any profanities, racially motivated comments, harassment, obscene or abusive language or gestures be permitted.   This policy also extends to the family and supporters of Finalists.  Any Contestant, family member or guest found to be displaying such conduct shall be automatically disqualified from the pageant with Immediate effect.

Contestant’s  Obligations
It will be mandatory for all Contestants to adhere to the points below.
Each Contestant will have the opportunity and capability to be awarded up to 7 (seven) additional points to their overall score by achieving marketing assignments.

  • Tickets:  Sell a minimum of #100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA) worth of tickets for the event.
  • Promoting On Social Media:  To promote yourself and the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT  on all your social media outlets in positive, inspirational way and uplifting way.  Contestants will need to follow to @FPGD4 Twitter and Instagram accounts where we will be able to monitor the progress.

Personal Interview
Contestants taking part in the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT (UNDER 18 years and above) will be required to undergo a Personal Interview with a panel of Judges. The interview will consist of the Judges Panel asking you questions that you previously submitted in “Personal Profile” section of your completed Contestant’s Registration & Information Form.  The interview will last no longer than 5 (five) minutes in duration.  All Contestants will be required to be dressed in formal interview outfits, heels, appropriate make-up and footwear.

On-Stage Interviews
During the Evening Wear competition, Delegates in the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT will select their on-stage questions from the “Fish Bowl”.  Delegates will receive full training at the Pageant Training Camp.

Birthday Awards
If it’s your birthday on the week of the Pageant then you will also receive a BIRTHDAY PRESENT from FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Organizer.

Sponsorship for CAMPING Fee
Delegates are welcome to find Sponsors to assist them with finding Pageant CAMPING Fees. In fact, we actively encourage it! We want all the Delegates involved in our Pageant to understand the expenditure and money involved in participating in Pageant events, appreciate their parent’s sacrifices and  allow them to explore their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity in raising funds and marketing skills. If you are able to access either family, friends or acquaintances who wants to sponsor you then this is great!  You may also want to contact local businesses such as Supermarkets, Banks, Beauty salons, Hairdressers, Doctors offices, local shops any other organization that you feel may be interested in sponsoring you.  You can have either one sponsor or many who are ready to support your entry into the Pageant CAMP.

Social Network:  
All Delegates are encouraged to use their social networking pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and OTHERS to promote their entry into the Pageant.  However, these will need to be actively monitored by all Contestants under 18 years and Above to ensure safety and discretion.  As you will be Representing the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Pageant system, we would ask that you pay close attention to the comments, photograph and messages that you are posting and that they are befitting your etiquette as a Contestant.  If any contestant or Queen is found out to have inappropriate photographs, defamatory comments or vial behavior then they will be immediately disqualified & their title will be relinquished.

The Judges Panel will be looking for Contestants who exude natural essence, confidence, etiquette and personality. The Talent Competition will also make up a part of your overall score.
Additional Optional Categories are judged separately and will not affect your overall Judges Score to determine placement.   The Judges Panel have been instructed to deduct a minimum of 1 point (and above if they deem it necessary) from scores should they see any of the above being displayed on Contestants.  Judge’s Panel’s decision is full and final.
The scoring is very simple!  Scores will be based on the following:

Personal Interview 25%
Talent 25%
Evening Wear/Beauty 25%
On-Stage Interview 25%

Falsified Information:
Delegates must not provide falsified information or details on their Registration Form.  If it is established that a contestant has provided false information then this will lead to instance dismissal from the Pageant and striping for her Title.  The Delegate will be require to return all prizes awarded.

Name and Likeness: 
Delegates understand and give permission and consent for my name, image, likeness, and voice to be used without charge for all publicity and commercial purposes and also in the eventuality that you may appear on Television? *

Titleholder’s Responsibility: 
You agree that, if you fail to operate or live up the expectation of a FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Titleholder or adhere to the rules, regulations and terms terms or obligations hereof, that this could result in your disqualification as a Titleholder together with the immediate return of all prizes awarded, cash prizes and your crown and sash.  Furthermore, should the Titleholder fail to operate, live up to the expectation or does not conduct themselves commensurate with that of a FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Titleholder, or  does not adhere to the rules, regulations and terms terms or obligations hereof, then this could result in her disqualification as a Titleholder together with the immediate return of all prizes awarded, cash prizes and your crown and sash.

Backstage Access: 
No family or friends will be allowed in the dressing rooms the night of pageant. Only the pre-approved Adult Female Chaperones wearing their designated security band or dress will be given access backstage.

Video and Cameras: 
“FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” will provide a professional videographer to record the Pageant.

Acts of Nature:
“FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” will not be held responsible in the event that an act of nature, severe/bad weather or power failure causes the Pageant to be canceled or postponed.

Criminal Activities:  
Delegates MUST NOT have a CRIMINAL RECORD or have been involved in any illegal activities that will, in any way, dishonor the name of the pageant.

Rehearsals, Meetings and Training Sessions:
Delegates MUST attend all rehearsals, training sessions and publicity events to secure their participation in the pageant.  Constant lateness and absences will result in the Delegates being disqualified from the pageant.

All Finalists give permission for their name and likeness to be used in conjunction with any publicity to do with the pageant and also agree to be interviewed by the press and associated media should the situation arise.

Events and Appearances
All Titleholders (1st and Runners-Up) will be required to make special appearances scheduled and arranged by the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT pageant director. While representing FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT  at all events and appearances, it will be imperative that the Queen be dressed appropriately in a gown, interview suit or similar outfit approved by the Pageant Director, exhibit expert etiquette, social skills and manners at all times, refrain from texting or speaking on cell phones unless approved by the Pageant Director or staff.

Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Substances
Illegal drugs, alcohol and smoking will, under no circumstances, be permitted.  All Queens will only be permitted to drink non-alcoholic beverages in their capacity as Queens for the Pageant and will refrain from smoking while representing FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT.Titleholder’s Responsibility
All FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Titleholders will radiate all the positive attributes required by the organization and should present the FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT system in their best possible light.  They will hold their title for a period of 1 (one)  year and must be available to attend the next year’s Finals to crown the new winner/s.
Chaperone Tickets
Each Delegate will be given 1 (one) backstage Chaperone ticket.  This ticket will be used for the Adult Female Chaperone only for backstage access only and will not permit the ticket holder to see the Pageant performance.

It is imperative that all garments, valuables and any personal property be brought to the pageant in a “Lockable” suitcase clearly marked with your name. The “FACE OF PEACE AND GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT” Pageant organization will not be held responsible for any damage of loss of property that may arise.  It is the sole responsibility of the Adult Chaperone to ensure that all valuables and garments are supervised throughout the day.

All rules can be changed by the Pageant Director as deemed appropriate.



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